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  • CrushCity Ned BLT 3" Stick Bait

    CrushCity Ned BLT 3" Stick Bait by Rapala

    Sometimes in bass fishing, less is more, that’s exactly where the tasty Ned BLT comes in. TPE material is extremely durable and allows bait to float. Tapered, ribbed tail gives subtle action with the slightest movement.   Features: TPE -...
  • CrushCity Bronco Bug 4" Creature Bait

    CrushCity Bronco Bug 4" Creature Bait by Rapala

    The most unique offering in the CrushCity lineup, the Bronco Bug offers a body with actions that most bass haven’t seen before. Double-sided ribs allow the angler to rig either side of bait to maximize usage. Hinged arms create unique dual actions...
  • Sustain FJ Spinning Reel

    Sustain FJ Spinning Reel by Shimano

    The newly-redesigned Sustain series of spinning reels built to conquer the toughest inshore or freshwater species. One of the strongest in the MagnumLite series of spinning reels, Shimano engineered the Sustain with a redesigned MagnumLite (MGL) Rotor...
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  • Curado 300 K Baitcasting Reel

    Curado 300 K Baitcasting Reel by Shimano

    Tournament-tough quality and superb dependability, Shimano built the Curado 300 for anglers who aren’t just chasing fish but those targeting quality over quantity. Incorporating a deep 300-size spool intended for heavy-pound line and the needed...
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  • Curado 200 M Baitcasting Reel

    Curado 200 M Baitcasting Reel by Shimano

    Forged from over 30 years of Curado performance and durability, the new Curado 200 M inherits the latest Shimano reel technologies to provide enhanced castability with heavier lines and lures in any power fishing situation. Expanded line capacity comes...
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  • SLX A Baitcasting Reel

    SLX A Baitcasting Reel by Shimano

    It's a tall task to redesign an industry benchmark for versatility and performance, so the Shimano team went to work developing the all-new SLX A series of low-profile reels. Designed for tournament anglers and weekend warriors alike, the all-new SLX A...
  • SLX MGL 70 Baitcasting Reel

    SLX MGL 70 Baitcasting Reel by Shimano

    An addition to the highly-touted family of SLX reels, the SLX MGL 70 features Shimano’s low inertia MGL Spool in an ultra-compact 70-size reel. The MGL Spool excels in the castability of both finesse and heavy lures, while the compact size of the...
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  • Stradic FM Spinning Reel

    Stradic FM Spinning Reel by Shimano

    This reputation for dependability and versatility prevails in the all-new Stradic FM, the newest addition to Shimano's CoreSolid lineup of spinning reels. Showcasing reel technologies passed down from Shimano's flagship spinning reels, the redesigned...
    $219.99 - $229.99
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  • Sedona FJ Spinning Reel

    Sedona FJ Spinning Reel by Shimano

    Shimano's state-of-the-art Hagane Gear technology lies at the heart of the redesigned Sedona FJ spinning reel. Incorporating Hagane cold-forging technology into the Sedona FJ gives it a step up from other reels in its class and provides long-lasting...
    $79.99 - $89.99
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  • Caius B Baitcasting Reel

    Caius B Baitcasting Reel by Shimano

    The Caius is a compact, versatile, and durable baitcasting reel, designed with lightweight lure casting in mind. The Super Free Spool improves casting performance and the 6-pin VBS (Variable Braking System) keeps backlash to a minimum with all lure...
  • TwistLock 3X Centering Pin Hooks

    TwistLock 3X Centering Pin Hooks by Owner Hooks

    This bass hook is Unique with its TwistLOCK Centering-Pin Spring (Patented) attached to the hook eye. Baits can be permanently secured by inserting the pin in the center of the nose of a soft plastic, which can then be twisted (screwed) onto the...
    $5.49 - $5.99
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  • Block Head Weedless Jig Heads

    Block Head Weedless Jig Heads by Owner Hooks

    This mushroom shaped head allows angler’s to fish light line techniques like the Ned Rig. Small stick baits can be rigged for a very effective presentation.  The wire keeper helps lock soft baits in place.  Other features include forged...
  • Haymaker Hooks

    Haymaker Hooks by Owner Hooks

    Haymaker is truly a one-of-a-kind design.  The extra wide gap can accommodate any soft bait, for any presentation.  The angled-up Super Needle Point fishes like a straight shank hook in perfect position for a quick, powerful hookset. ...
  • Jungle Flipping HD Hooks

    Jungle Flipping HD Hooks by Owner Hooks

    Designed to be the baddest Flipping Hook on the market!  You can have 100% confidence when flipping into the thickest of cover and catching the biggest of fish.  5X strong and comes with a welded eye to hold up with to strongest of braids...
  • Stinger Siwash Hooks

    Stinger Siwash Hooks by Owner Hooks

    Stinger Siwash Hook, with an open-eye, is the ideal replacement hook for Northwest and Great Lakes salmon anglers anxious to change-out the trebles on their trolling lures. Also a terrific replacement hook for striped bass plugs and heavy-metal spoons...
  • Offset Shank Hooks

    Offset Shank Hooks by Owner Hooks

    Offset worm hooks, with a worm-holding 90 degree bend shoulder. Preferred by many anglers for straight and easy rigging of plastic worms. Features include Cutting Point and black chrome finish.  
  • Cover Shot HD Hooks

    Cover Shot HD Hooks by Owner Hooks

    A heavier version of Owner’s light wire Cover Shot.  A little stouter to handle bigger fish, bigger baits, and heavy cover.  Ideal for versatile uses including drop shot and Texas Rigging. The bait keeper is meticulously wrapped onto the...
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    KVD 7.5" Zeus Worm

    KVD 7.5" Zeus Worm by Strike King

    Strike King’s Zeus Worm is an extra large 9.5-inch worm that is developed with the advanced Perfect Plastics pouring system to create vivid, strike-enticing colors. The advanced design allows for a coffee scent to be infused into the plastic of...
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    KVD 5" Filler Worms

    KVD 5" Filler Worms by Strike King

    The Strike King Filler Worm is a 5-inch worm that is designed to be fished for a finesse presentation, featuring a wide head for added durability, increasing the strength of the plastic to last for multiple fish catches. Strike King has engineered the...
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  • Tokyo Rig Heavy Duty Wide Gap XLS Hooks

    Tokyo Rig Heavy Duty Wide Gap XLS Hooks by VMC

    One piece solid ring connected to a premium rolling swivel allows the bait to move freely above the dropper arm with a natural flowing and undulating action. RIGGING RECOMMENDATIONS - Insert your favorite weight and/or bead combinations onto the shaft...
  • ighted Slip Float

    Lighted Slip Float by VMC

    Don’t stop fishing just because it's dark! Never miss seeing a night bite with the VMC Lighted Slip Float! Features: Water Activated Automatic Turn On Replaceable Batteries 30 Hour Run Time on Two Coin Batteries (included) Super Bright Smooth line...
  • RedLine Series Heavy Duty Flippin' Hooks

    RedLine Series Heavy Duty Flippin' Hooks by VMC

    VMC RedLine Series hooks were engineered for elite bass anglers when they need to turn up the heat from a “10” to an “11.” It starts with extra-light, extra-strength VMC Vanadium Steel -- the same material they use to make Formula...