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Trolling Flies

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    Dreamweaver Action Fly

    Action Fly Trolling Flies by Dreamweaver

    The Dreamweaver Action Fly is synonymous with Great Lakes Fishing. It’s used in every port on the Great Lakes, by hobby fishermen, tournament fishermen, and charter captains, and it produces. Results are unmistakable. The Action Fly is a consistent...

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    Strong Fly Trolling Flies by Dreamweaver

    Strong Flies are proven to be tournament-tough! Designed by Capt. Matt Strong they were made specifically for tournament conditions with 50 lb. test leader, super-sharp VMC Vanadium hooks, and a special fish-attracting rattle head. Strong Flies pull...

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  • Got-Cha Fly Pre-Rigged Trolling Flies

    Got-Cha Flies are locally made high-quality trolling flies featuring a 40 lb test leader rigged with a custom head, hammered willow blade, beaded tail and Cone Cut Point VMC Hooks. Got-Cha Fly's time proven patterns will catch all species of trout and...