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Trolling Flies

  • Ice Strong Outdoors Laker Taker Trolling Rig

    Laker Taker Trolling Lures by Ice Strong Outdoors

    Laker Taker Lures come standard with 50# Flourocarbon Leader, Size 1 VMC Vanadium Hooks, and Super Glow Beads rigged on a size 2 Spin-N-Glo. FOR BEST RESULTS: ​Run your Laker Taker Lure 25" - 30" behind your favorite attractor, near or on the bottom.
  • Dreamweaver Action Fly

    Action Fly Trolling Flies by Dreamweaver

    The Dreamweaver Action Fly is synonymous with Great Lakes Fishing. It’s used in every port on the Great Lakes, by hobby fishermen, tournament fishermen, and charter captains, and it produces. Results are unmistakable. The Action Fly is a consistent...