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Fishing Components

  • Lindy Nickel Jig Spinners

    Lindy Nickel Jig Spinners

    Lindy Jig Spinners, a great way to add flash and vibration to any of your favorite lindy jigs. Just clip on a jig or jighead to create a totally new presentation. Perfect when you need to swim jigs over cover such as grass and rock. Targets bass,...
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  • Lindy Snell Floats

    Lindy Snell Floats

    Designed for use with harnesses, Lindy Rigs or other bottom-oriented rigs, Lindy Snell Floats add a dash of color and keep your bait up off bottom and right in the walleye’s face. It’s especially effective for slip-sinker fishing with live...
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  • WhirlyGig

    WhirlyGig by Dreamweaver

    The Dreamweaver WhirlyGig is made out of a bouyant plastic that is durable and made to be trolled. The winged body offers a flashy paint finish that entices bites. Durable and made to last the WhirlyGig is meant to withstand many uses. 1-1/4" 1 Pack
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  • Quick Change Blade Clevis

    Quick Change Blade Clevis by Northland Tackle

    Ideal for spinner rigging for walleyes, jumbo perch and other gamefish. Simply slide clevis onto line. Allows for fast and easy spinner blade changes to quickly determine the most productive blade size and color for the conditions at hand...
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  • Centering Pin Spring

    Centering Pin Spring by Owner Hooks

    As featured on the Owner Twistlock hooks, these interchangeable stainless steel Centering Pin Springs (CPS - U.S. Patent 7,841,127) attach to hook eyes, and allow any soft plastic bait to be "permanently" secured by inserting the pin in the center of the...
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  • Pro Tie Jig Skirts 3pk

    Pro Tie Jig Skirts 3pk by All-Terrain

    Have you been looking for a jig skirt that will stay on your jig day after day and fish after fish? In the colors that you want!!  All-Terrain is proud to offer the new “Pro Tie” hand tied jig skirts. We have hand wrapped these skirts...
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  • Power Pulse QuickSkirts 2pk

    Power Pulse QuickSkirts 2pk by Terminator

    Action packed PowerPulse extensions replace the need for a trailer. Change up the look of that ole faithful jig! The Power Pulse Quickskirt adds more extension to the back of the skirt terminating the need to run a...
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  • Bandit Generator Replacement Glow Sticks

    Generator Replacement Glow Sticks by Bandit

    The Bandit Generator features two glow stick insertion points that allow for the body to illuminate and glow.  This added light source calls out to gamefish from extraordinary distances, creating irresistible flash and glow that triggers massive...
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    Glass Worm Rattles by Venom Lures

    Glass Worm Rattles by Venom Lures

    The largest noisiest rattle Venom Lures has made. Works Fantastic in larger plastic lures, soft plastic baits, worms,and grubs, etc. Attach any of the Glass Rattles to your spinner and buzz baits. 10 Glass Rattles per package Features Max Mag: ...
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  • Worden's Lil' Corky Size #8 1/2" Floaters by Yakima

    Worden's Lil' Corky Size #8 1/2" Floaters by Yakima

    Worden's Lil' Corky adds color and flotation to any drift rig. Fished alone or with bait, there is a perfect Lil' Corky for any water or light condition. The bouant egg imitators float bait off the bottom. Can be used as a strike indicator or buoyant...
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