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  • Predator Hunter NS750 Extreme Dimmable Light Kit

    NS750 Extreme Dimmable Light Kit by Predator Hunter

    Features: The NightSnipe NS750 EXTREME Adjustable Beam Light Wireless Dimmer Dial Illumination, ON / OFF tailcap NightSnipe Adjustable Mount System. (Mounts to any Picatinny Rail or the provided rail scope mount) Interchangeable extreme powered...
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  • HME Products CL1 Predator Light

    CL1 Predator Light by HME Products

    CoyoteLight Predator CL1 Hunting Flashlights can be used handheld and also come with an integral Picatinny rail for mounting on a gun or scope. These versatile Flashlights are precision machined from high grade 6061 aluminum and the solid state LED...
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  • Night Raid Red LED Light

    Night Raid Red LED Light by Predator Tactics

    The all new Night Raid light is reliable and proven. The Night Raid is a single mode fixed beam predator light. It has a waterproof design, interchangeable LED colors available, easy to use functions, rechargeable, and beam throw capabilities reaching...
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  • The Laborer Flashlight Kit

    The Laborer Flashlight Kit by Predator Tactics

    The Laborer Flashlight is a small, compact high lumen every day carry light that can easily be carried on hunting trips. It produces a mind-blowing 890 lumens of bright white light. It is built to stand up against the toughest work environments...
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  • Eradicator Light Kit

    Eradicator Light Kit by Predator Tactics

    The Eradicator by Predator Tactics is a great choice for the budget minded hunter that is in need of a great predator hunting light or hog hunting light at a wallet-friendly price without sacrificing quality and performance. The Eradicator comes equipped...
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  • Rechargeable Waterproof Compact LED Flashlight

    Rechargeable Waterproof Compact LED Flashlight by LuxPro

    The LUXPRO XP976 comes with a rechargeable 3.4V, 1800 mAh battery and USB charging chord. There are 5 modes: High, Medium, Ultra-Low and hidden strobe. The hidden strobe has been incorporated into this light with an access/exit feature you can utilize by...
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  • Bloodhunter HD

    Bloodhunter HD by Primos

    It is as important to us as it is to you that we find the game we have pursued. We too have spent sleepless nights replaying the hunt in our mind and wondering what happened. Primos continues to use our resources to bring you the best in blood trailing...
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  • Varmint 200yd Light

    Varmint 200yd Light by Primos

    Whether you're walking creek bottoms or calling predators at night and need light when it's time to shoot, no varmint will go unseen with Primos 200 Yard Varmint Scope Light. This scope light allows you to have ample shooting light, without all the bulk...
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  • HL500 Headlamp

    HL500 Headlamp by Cyclops Solutions

    5W CREE LED 500 Lumen Headlamp w/ Red LED, Black Strap. Exclusive housing with optical design for focus/8 road beam long-distance vision enhancement. Durable ABS Housing with clear protective shield Features: Ultra bright CREE 5W LED IPX6...
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  • 210 Lumen Headlamp 2pk

    210 Lumen Headlamp 2pk by Cyclops Solutions

    The 210 Lumen Headlamp 2 pack is the perfect package for low light outdoor activities. Featuring a 210 lumen light the Headlamp is the perfect headlamp package for any activity. Features: High Power 3W White LED 2 white + 2 red + 2 green 5mm LED Output...
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  • 900 Lumens 10 Watt LED Spotlight

    900 Lumens 10 Watt LED Spotlight by Cyclops Solutions

    The 900 Lumen 10 Watt LED Spotlight is the ultimate handheld mobile spotlight. Featuring a high beam 900 Lumen LED Light this handheld spotlight is the perfect addition to any hunting pack or vehicle safety kit. Features: Super bright CREE XM-L2 10 Watt...
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  • Force XP 350 Headlamp

    Force XP 350 Headlamp by Cyclops Solutions

    The Force XP 350 lumen headlamp is the perfect light for transitioning out of the woods during low light hours. Featuring two settings; High 350 lumens and low 15 lumens, the Force XP is the a versitile headlamp for any hunter. Features: Ultra bright...
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  • Ranger XP NXT Camo

    Ranger XP NXT Camo by Cyclops Solutions

    The Ranger XP NXT Camo is the perfect head lamp for any low light situation while out hunting. The Lightweight 126 Lumen LED Head lamp will help you get where you need to go in the dark! 126 Lumens 4 mode lighting; 1 watt super bright CREE center white...
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  • 1 Watt Rechargeable Spotlight

    1 Watt Rechargeable Spotlight by Cyclops Solutions

    The 1 watt Rechargeable Spotlight is the perfect for any situation. Dual recharge either with AC/DC or a 12v DC car plug, this lantern produces a 90 lumen beam making it the most versitile spotlight. Dual recharge, either AC/DC charger or 12V DC car...
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  • Micro Hat Clip Pink Light

    Micro Hat Clip Pink Light by Cyclops Solutions

    The Micro Hat Clip Light is perfect for those early morning walks to the tree, or for late night tracking. The Micro Hat Clip features 10 Lumens with 5 super bright LED's. The light weight Hat Clip allows you to light the way without feeling to fatigue a...
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  • Coyote Reaper XXL Rifle Kit

    Coyote Reaper XXL Rifle Kit by Predator Tactics

    The Coyote Reaper XXL Rifle Kit has what you'll need to get out in the field lighting up the night while predator or hog hunting. The kit comes equipped with mounts needed for attaching your new Coyote Reaper XXL predator light to your rifle scope or...
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  • Coyote Reaper Spotlight by Predator Tactics

    Coyote Reaper Spotlight by Predator Tactics

    Premium quality and unmatched performance now has a name, Coyote Reaper SpotLight by Predator Tactics. This coyote hunting spotlight is a powerhouse that delivers a beam throw that will reach distances up to 750 yards modestly. Designed and engineered...
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  • LP600C  350 Lumen Tactical LED Flashlight by LuxPro

    LP600C 350 Lumen Tactical LED Flashlight by LuxPro

    This handheld tactical flashlight is a top seller for LUXPRO. This police flashlight features LPE optics based on an ultra-bright advanced CREE LED giving it an extremely bright 350 lumen output on HIGH. This advanced LED light has a multi-function...
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    Tac Focus 470 200 Lumen Tactical Flashlight by LuxPro

    Tac Focus 470 200 Lumen Tactical Flashlight by LuxPro

    The Lux Pro LP470 Tac Focus 470 focusing LED flashlight has 200 lumens with 3 modes: high, low and strobe and comes with 3 AAA batteries. This light features a smooth push/pull focus action with CREE XP-G2 and S2 LED technology; ideal for lighting where...
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