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  • Trion Spinning Reel

    Trion Spinning Reel by Pflueger

    The Pflueger® Trion® spinning reels are the workhouse of the Pflueger product line-up. Performance and quality at an extremely high value. The Trion is truly ‘The Smart Choice™’. Features: 7 bearing system Slow oscillation...

  • President Spinning Reel

    President Spinning Reel by Pflueger

    Smooth performance at a great value! The President® delivers features and performance that will impress over and over again. Features: 10 bearing systeml 20 size reel is a 7 ball bearing system Graphite body and rotor Braid ready...

  • President XT Spinning Reel

    President XT Spinning Reel by Pflueger

    The President XT® spinning reels take the President® to the next level of performance. These lightweight reels are ultra-fast thanks to a high-speed gear ratio. They also feature an aluminum main shaft, aluminum pinion gear,...

  • Ambassadeur Altum DLC  Trolling Reel

    Ambassadeur Altum DLC Trolling Reel by Abu Garcia

    In addition to a lighted digital line counter that can be adjusted dependent on line type, the Altum™ Syncro conventional reel incorporates a highly adjustable syncro drag system. By cranking the handle 1/3 of a turn in a counterclockwise motion, a...

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  • Lew's Laser Speed Spin LSG Series Spinning Reel

    Laser Speed Spin LSG Spinning Reels by Lew's

    Sporting an all-new modern design, this 8-bearing spinning reel leaves no doubt as to its smoothness with the very first turn of its handle. When the reeling stops, it stops dead in its tracks thanks to a rock-solid Zero-Reverse one-way clutch bearing...

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    Inspira Spinning Reels By Okuma

    The Okuma Inspira Spinning Reel is a High Performance reel. The Inspira series of reels feature models great for freshwater and light inshore saltwater applications.  Features: AlumLite: Aluminum body construction Patented EOS: Elliptical...

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    KVD Smoke S3 PT Spinning Reels by Quantum

    Fish with the spinning reel Kevin Vandam favors for tournament work. The Quantum PT KVD Smoke S3 spinning reel presents a host of performance tuned features for the serious bass chaser.   The Quantum PT KVD Smoke S3 spinning reel features a...

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    KVD Smoke S3 PT Baitcast Reels by Quantum

    Fish with the baitcaster Kevin Vandam favors for tournament work. The Quantum® KVD Smoke® S3 Baitcast Reel presents a host of Performance Tuned features for the serious bass chaser.    It's built with Quantum's PT Low-Profile Design,...

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  • Ultegra FB Spinning Reel by Shimano

    The new Ultegra Series spinning reels include a Hagane Gear for incredible durability, X-Ship technology for increased smoothness and efficiency, Aero Wrap Oscillation for perfect line winding and longer casting, and CoreProtect for water resistance...

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  • Tournament Pro G Speed Spool Baitcasting Reels by Lew's

    The new and improved Lew's Tournament Pro Speed Spool LFS is ready to impress. From its stylish good looks to its beefed-up interior, the Tournament Pro is re-defining what performance is all about. The Tournament Pro LFS includes an Adjustable...

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  • Tatula SV TWS Baitcast Reels by Daiwa

    Designed to meet the durability and performance requirements of the pro angler, the TATULA SV TWS offers all the best features Daiwa has to offer. Daiwa’s T-Wing aperture allows line to flow freely through the wide top section on outcast. On retrieve,...

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  • Tatula LT Spinning Reel by Daiwa

    These fine new reels reflect the sophisticated engineering and design that has vaulted spinning reels on to the center stage of the bass fishing world. The Zaion Body is composed of a "high density" carbon strain material that is lighter and stronger...

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  • Tatula CT 100 Baitcast Reels by Daiwa

    The Tatula CT has all the same great features of the original Tatula, but now in a more compact, lightweight body. The Tatula CT is 1/2 oz lighter than the original Tatula! Features: New Compact Size T-Wing System allows line to flow freely through...

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  • Tatula 150 Baitcast Reels by Daiwa

    The new TATULA 150 T-WING BAITCASTING SERIES is designed for specific bass fishing tasks like deep cranking, punching or flipping, pulling chatter baits or swimbaits, and frogging. With an aluminum side plate and frame and reinforced brass gearing and a...

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  • Tatula 100 Baitcasting Reel by Daiwa

    The TATULA 100 is the smallest and lightest reel in the series. It is the most comfortable and palmable reel seen in many years. And with a feather weight of 6.9 ounces it may be the lightest, most fatigue free, reel Daiwa has ever built. The Zero...

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  • Syncopate FG Spinning Reel by Shimano

    The Syncopate FG is part of Shimano’s P-3 lineup. Power can be found in the ultra-smooth, efficient drivetrains. Precision comes from tight tolerances and excellent line lay. Performance is the end result of all of the features packed into the P3 reels...

  • Stradic FL Spinning Reels by Shimano

    Never satisfied with "good enough", Shimano always finds another way to improve your fishing experience. Introducing the new Shimano Stradic, the product of CONTINUOUS EVOLUTION. Now with Shimano's MicroModule Gear II you'll experience a rotational...

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  • Stradic FK Spinning Reels by Shimano

    The new Stradic FK utilizes Shimano’s latest technology while drawing on ways of the past. Hagane cold forged drive gear combined with X-Ship provides a smooth, powerful and durable reel. The sleek G-Free body provides a better weight balance to reduce...

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  • Stradic CI4+ Spinning Reel by Shimano

    Striking good looks, light weight with a solid feel, and an ultra smooth reeling experience combine to win the hearts of anglers around the globe. Incorporating exciting concepts like HAGANE gear, G Free Body, CI4+, X-SHIP, Core Protect, and the totally...

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  • Spirex FG Spinning Reels by Shimano

    The Spirex FG features Quick Fire II for easy, one-handed casts and A-RB bearings for smooth-as-silk retrieves. Features: Propulsion Line Management System: Propulsion Spool Lip, Power Roller III, S-Arm Cam QuickFire II One-Handed Casting...

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