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Rigs & Harnesses

  • Ice Strong Outdoors Laker Taker Trolling Rig

    Laker Taker Trolling Lures by Ice Strong Outdoors

    Laker Taker Lures come standard with 50# Flourocarbon Leader, Size 1 VMC Vanadium Hooks, and Super Glow Beads rigged on a size 2 Spin-N-Glo. FOR BEST RESULTS: ​Run your Laker Taker Lure 25" - 30" behind your favorite attractor, near or on the bottom.
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  • Walleye Nation Creation WNC Death Jigs

    Death Jigs 3/4 oz Rig by Walleye Nation Creations

    The Walleye Nation Creations Death Jigs' irresistible live-bait action converts more looks into hooksets when trolled and drifted. It’s your bottom bouncer and harness in one with a baitfish profile and jig bite feel. Perfect for fishing just off...
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  • Lindy Old Guide's Secret 3-Hook Harness

    Old Guide's Secret 3-Hook Crawler Harness by Lindy

    A three-hook crawler harness means more walleyes in the boat when the fish are short-striking. Plus, the blade and bead patterns are matched in proven fish-catching colors and combinations of colors. The Old Guide’s Secret 3-Hook Harness features a...
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  • Crawler Harness #3 Colorado Blade

    Crawler Harness #3 Colorado Blade by Lindy

    Holographic blades emulate primary baitfish patterns, while hand-selected Lindy Bead patterns match the secondary color hues that trigger feeding instincts. These dependable harnesses are hand-tied with 72-inches of 14-lb fluorocarbon line. To prevent...
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  • Lil Guy 2" Walleye Rig

    Lil Guy 2" Walleye Rig by Lindy

    The Lindy Lil’ Guy makes your walleye fishing more fun by automatically adding action and flotation to your Lindy rigging. The Lil’ Guy’s precisely engineered design prompts it to run true (with no rollover) and wobble side-to-side...
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  • Lindy Floating Rig Crawler Harness

    Lindy Floating Rig Crawler Harness

    For off-bottom or suspended walleyes, the Lindy Floating Rig rises to the occasion. Move the adjustable high-vis float up or down the snell to hold bait off bottom, from a few inches to the length of the snell! Helps keep bait visible and unsnagged above...
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  • Baitfish Spinner Rig

    Baitfish Spinner Rig by Northland Tackle

    Proven in the tournament trenches for walleyes when the chips are down. Rig with a minnow, leech or nose-hooked nightcrawler. Indiana blade generates excellent flash and vibration, and excels at medium trolling speeds in fair to high-visibility...
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  • Baitfish Float'N Spin

    Baitfish Float'N Spin by Northland Tackle

    Deadly on walleyes, bass and other gamefish. Choose this rig to target off-bottom, suspended fish. The buoyant cylinder float lifts the rig over weeds, moss, logs and rocks. Troll at medium speeds to maximize the Indiana blade’s flash and vibration...
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  • Butterfly #2 Blade Harness

    Butterfly #2 Blade Harness by Northland Tackle

    Consistently catches walleyes, jumbo perch and other gamefish. Excels when rigged with a nightcrawler or artificial IMPULSE® Nightcrawler, but don’t overlook a live leech; hook the leech’s head on the front hook and its tail on the...
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  • Bo's Heavy Duty Bluegill Busters by Headhunters II

    Bo's Heavy Duty Bluegill Busters by Headhunters II

    The big brother to our hugely popular Bo's Bluegill Buster, the Heavy Duty version features 8-pound leader line for increased durability. Locally made, this rig is perfect for trolling for walleye. Hook on a night crawler or leech and let the fun begin!...
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  • Bo's Bluegill Busters by Headhunters II

    Bo's Bluegill Busters by Headhunters II

    Locally made rig, perfect for finding those big bluegill that are hiding down deep. Use this rig for slow trolling out in deeper water. This two-hook bluegill harness features quick-change blades for optimum fishing in various weather conditions. ...
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