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Crossbow Cocking Aids

  • DSC Dead Silent Crank

    DSC Dead Silent Crank by Killer Instinct

    Avoid scaring wary game with the ultra-quick and silent operating Dead Silent Crank™. The DSC™ rapidly attaches and detaches in seconds to safely and silently cock your crossbow at a moment’s notice.  This compact, sleek design...

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  • Universal Rope Cocker Crossbow Cocking Aid

    Universal Rope Crossbow Cocking Aid by Carbon Express

    The Crossbow universal Cocking Aid is an easy to use tool that makes cocking your crossbow very easy. Faster than using a crank the rope cocker allows for fast reloads and easy storage. Improved accuracy with equal force applied to the bow limbs 50%...

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  • Crank Cocking Device

    Crank Cocking Device by Barnett

    Cocking your crossbow has never been easier with Barnett’s Crank Cocking Device. This easy-to-install crossbow accessory attaches to the stock of your crossbow to reduce cocking resistance by as much as 93 percent. It won’t impact your...

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  • ACUdraw 50 Crossbow Cocking Mechanism by TenPoint

    For years many crossbow shooters have used the conventional but cumbersome rope-cocker to load their crossbows, reducing the draw weight by half. TenPoint has taken this leveraged rope-cocking concept to an easy-to-use level. Integrated into the butt...

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  • Crossbow Rope Cocking System by .30-06 Outdoors

    Handles and Hooks with plenty of Leachline to custom cut to fit your Crossbow! Handles are heavy duty with BCY Leachline rope rated at 900 lbs! Weighs 4oz. BONUS Includes: 1 stick Little Snot Bow String Wax: 100% Odorless, Increases Performance...

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  • Draw/Cocking Handle by Ravin Crossbows

    Designed specifically for Ravin Crossbows. Mounts on either side of the stock for left or right handed use. *Note: Use only Ravin-branded draw/cocking handle on all Ravin Crossbows

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  • Crossbow Rope Cocking Aid by Excalibur Crossbows

    Our Rope Cocking Aid will allow you to comfortably load and unload any Excalibur crossbow by reducing the felt draw weight by 50% and also will guarantee perfect string alignment for optimum accuracy. Made from highest quality components, it uses...

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  • Crossbow Cocking Sled by Bear Archery

    Consistent cocking is critical in the accuracy of a crossbow. The Bear Archery cocking sled provides an easy and efficient way to cock your crossbow. The wide handles allow you to get a firm grip and cock your crossbow with minimal effort. Worry less...

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  • Crossbow Crank Cocking Device by Barnett

    16" OR LESS POWER STROKE Designed to be fully integrated into the stock of the bow for a low-profile, comfortable fit. The handle can be easily adjusted for right or left-handed hunters and can be removed after each use. Reduces cocking tension to 17 lbs...

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  • Quad/Wildcat Crank Cocking Device by Barnett

    Reduces cocking tension to 17 lbs on all compatible crossbows! Designed to be fully integrated into the stock of the bow for a low-profile, comfortable fit. The handle can be easily adjusted for right or left hand hunters and can be removed after each...

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  • Crossbow Rope Cocking Device by Barnett

    Barnett's Rope Cocking Device decreases cocking tension by half. Includes wrist strap to provide a firm grip. The Rope Cocking Device can be adjusted to fit the bow and user. Compatible With: Predator AVI, Quad 400, Quad AVI, RC150, Revolution,...

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  • Crank-X Crossbow Cocker by Allen

    Crossbows can be a challenge to cock especially for youth. We have changed that and created the Crank-X Crossbow Cocker, which is designed to reduce effort of cocking the crossbow. Increase the speed to reload. Our crossbow cocker adjusts and fits most...

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  • Slideguide Crossbow Cocking Sled by Allen

    SLIDEGUIDE Crossbow Cocking Sleds are unique from other cocking sleds in one radical way. SLIDEGUIDE utilizes the crossbow’s rail groove as a track to guide your cocking sled up and down the length of the rail. It also employs a self-aligning guide...

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