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  • Home Sausage Making Kits by Hi Mountain

    Home Sausage Making Kits by Hi Mountain

    Hi Mountain's Sausage Kits make it easy and delicious, you make it homemade, your way. Each kit seasons up to 30 lbs. of meat, three lbs. at a time if you choose. Kit Includes two 4.2 oz. packets of Hi Mountain cure, two 10 oz. seasoning packets, one...
  • Breakfast Sausage Seasoning Kits by Hi Mountain

    Breakfast Sausage Seasonings by Hi Mountain

    Homemade breakfast sausage is fun and easy to make. With these sausage seasonings you are in control. Make your sausage using 100% pork or mix pork with turkey or wild game — deer, elk, buffalo, antelope. Make patties, use Hi Mountain's Link Master to...