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  • Razor HD Gen III 1-10x24 Scope

    Razor HD Gen III 1-10x24 Scope by Vortex Optics

    The next evolution of our wildly popular Razor line, the Razor HD Gen III 1-10x24 brings the highest level of first focal plane performance to those who demand the versatility of 1-10x power. Military, law enforcement, and competition shooters alike will...
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  • VMX-3T Magnifier

    VMX-3T Magnifier by Vortex Optics

    Simple, fast, effective. The push-button design of the VMX-3T engages and disengages the flip-mount, allowing the magnifier to lock in place. The result, 3x magnified or unmagnified views at will. Optics are fully multi-coated for optimal light...
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  • Razor HD Gen II-E 1-6x24 Scope

    Razor HD Gen II-E 1-6x24 Scope by Vortex Optics

    At nearly 1/4 pound lighter than the original Razor HD Gen II 1-6x24, the "E" (Enhanced) model allows for quicker transitions between targets and less arm fatigue during long days on the range. Perfect for the AR platform, the Gen II-E 1-6 is a top-tier...
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  • Viper PST Gen II 3-15x44 FFP Scope

    Viper PST Gen II 3-15x44 FFP Scope by Vortex Optics

    The Viper PST Gen II brings you all the features of elite, top-tier tactical optics, with exceptional performance at a fraction of the cost. The 5x optical system delivers bright and crisp images across the zoom range with an impressive field of view for...
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  • Viper PST Gen II 1-6x24 Scope

    Viper PST Gen II 1-6x24 Scope by Vortex Optics

    The Viper PST Gen II hands an unfair advantage to shooters who seek to keep the upper hand in every situation from close quarters to long-range shots. The illumination dial is located on the opposite side of the windage knob for easy access and...
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  • Strike Eagle 1-8x24 Scope

    Strike Eagle 1-8x24 Scope by Vortex Optics

    Optimize the versatility and quick-handling attributes of your AR with the redesigned Strike Eagle. A true 1x on the low end, Strike Eagle zooms to let shooters rapidly engage targets near and far, and an AR-BDC3 reticle aids in rapid shooting while...
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  • Micro3X Magnifier

    Micro3X Magnifier by Vortex Optics

    Next level 3X magnification versatility when you need it for your red dot or holographic sight in an ultracompact, lightweight, and optically crisp package. Integrated quick-release allows fast attach/detach while camlock engages/disengages magnifier...
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  • Viper HD 20-60x85 Angled Scope

    Viper HD 20-60x85 Angled Scope by Vortex Optics

    A high-end spotter without the high-end price tag, the Viper HD spotting scope proves you no longer need to drop 4-figures to get premium-level performance and features. An HD optical system with incredible optical performance brings even the finest...
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  • Burris Thermal Riflescope BTS 50

    Thermal Riflescope BTS 50 by Burris

    The Burris Thermal Scopes are packed with features that will help you take night hunting to a whole new level! Offering 4 power zoom, hot track, stadiametric ranging and 5 unique color palettes – this scope is packed with features to help you own...
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  • Tactacam Underscope Mount

    Underscope Mount by Tactacam

    The Tactacam Underscope Mount allows your Tactacam to be mounted to the rail of your weapon. Simple to use, this is the preferred mounting system used on crossbows. Enjoy the sleek design of this underscope mount. Features: Weight - 0.25lb Length -...
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  • Pulsar C-Clamp Mount

    C-Clamp Mount by Pulsar

    The Pulsar C-Clamp is designed for fixing Pulsar units equipped with a 1/4" tripod mount on various elements (crossbeam, handrail etc.). The pivoting ball head allows the Pulsar unit to be mounted in any convenient position.
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  • Tactacam FTS Scope Mount

    FTS Scope Mount by Tactacam

    Allows you to film through your scope! Adapts to most scopes Does not affect your optics Reversible for left or right hand Tactacam Solo, 4.0 and 5.0 Compatible Increases your Tactacam’s Magnification through your...
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  • Nightforce NX8 4-32x50 F1

    NX8 4-32x50 F1 Riflescope w/ MOAR by Nightforce Optics

    At 32x, you can zero in on the smallest targets at the most extreme distances. At 4x, you are perfectly comfortable with up-close or rapidly moving targets. That vast magnification range - with superb clarity and resolution at every step - means that one...
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  • Nightforce SHV 5-20x56

    SHV 5-20x56 Riflescope w/ MOAR by Nightforce Optics

    The most powerful of the SHV series performs beautifully at both close and extended ranges on varmints, big game, and for making tight groups on paper. You get outstanding clarity, crispness and color contrast at every magnification setting. It features...
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  • NX8™ 1-8X24 F1

    NX8 1-8x24 F1 Riflescope by Nightforce Optics

    The NX8™ 1-8X24 F1 is a class leading, compact and lightweight riflescope optimized for short to mid-range shooting. At only 8.75“ in length and 17 ounces, this riflescope adds minimal size and weight but delivers superior optics and trusted...
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  • Quick Detach Mount

    Quick Detach 30mm Scope Mount by ATN

    The ATN Quick Detach Mount is a great addition for your new X-Sight 4K, ThOR 4 or ThOR LT. Take advantage of the profile manager of your scope, move it from platform to platform and still retain zero. Features: Hardened Aluminum Alloy Works with 30 mm...
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  • Rifleman 3-9x40mm Riflescope

    Rifleman 3-9x40mm Riflescope by Leupold

    We designed the Rifleman® to surpass all of your expectations. This is one razor-sharp optic, and like every Leupold riflescope, the Rifleman was designed, machined, and assembled in our Oregon factory. We test it to ensure it’s absolutely...
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  • VX-Freedom 3-9x40 350 Legend Riflescope

    VX-Freedom 3-9x40mm 350 Legend Riflescope by Leupold

    Straight-wall cartridges have gained popularity in recent years and the new 350 round takes them to the next level. With increased velocity, energy, and stopping power, the 350 Legend is quickly becoming the straight-wall cartridge of choice. The...
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  • VX-3i 4.5-14x40mm CDS-ZL Burnt Bronze

    VX-3i 4.5-14x40mm CDS-ZL Burnt Bronze by Leupold

    What do hunters want most in a scope? Plain and simple; outstanding performance in low-light conditions and an incredibly tough, lightweight design. The VX-3i delivers this and more. Our Twilight Max Light Management System lets you see details others...
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