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Fishing Scents

  • Baitfuel Fish Attractant Gel 8 oz Bottle

    Baitfuel Fish Attractant Gel 8 oz Bottle by Netbait

    Fuel your passion - Fuel every bite! Developed in the Lab – Proven on the water, BaitFuel is SUPERCHARGED with F.A.S.T. (Fish Active Scent Technology) - scientifically engineered to stimulate a fish’s predator instinct. For years, the...
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  • Pro-Cure Super Gel Scents

    Super Gel Scent 2 oz Fish Attractant by Pro-Cure

    Pro-Cure's Super Gel is a super sticky attractant made from real, whole, fresh bait, then supercharged with powerful amino acids, bite stimulants and UV Flash.  Super Sticky - Super Strong - Super Effective Anchovy - Pure ground up anchovies...
  • Atlas Mikes UV Super Scent

    Atlas-Mike's UV Super Scent 4 oz Fish Attractant

    Add some horsepower to your salmon, steelhead and trout fishing with Atlas Mike’s UV Super Scents. UV-enhanced, these super scents make it easier for fish to see, drawing them to your bait and lures from greater distances. Powerful bite stimulants...
  • Liquid Mayhem Walleye Attractant

    Liquid Mayhem Walleye Attractant 2 oz Tube

    Made with a blend of minnow species and pure garlic, this scent is killer with soft plastics. It’s been reported to out fish live bait on more than one occasion. Made with real minnows in a super concentrated form Contains natural baitfish...
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  • Liquid Mayhem Bass Attractant

    Liquid Mayhem Bass Attractant 2 oz Tube

    Originally formulated for Bass, this scent also produces well for Steelhead. Made with real Crawfish Contains natural baitfish enzymes infused with powerful amino acids and other bite stimulants Formulated to target a fishes olfactory glands Triggers...
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  • Gulp! Alive! Fish Attractant Spray by Berkley

    Gulp! Alive! Fish Attractant Spray by Berkley

    Gulp! Alive! Attractants are available in many popular prey scents and flavors. Simply spray any bait to make it taste and smell like live bait. FEATURES Fish attractant makes any bait taste and smell alive with popular prey scents and...
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  • PowerBait Attractant 8 oz.

    PowerBait Attractant 8 oz. by Berkley

    Enhance any lure with the water-soluble PowerBait Attractant. Available for the most popular fish species 8 oz bottles. FEATURES Enhances ordinary lures or live bait with PowerBait scent and flavor Water-soluble liquid attractant
  • Formula Garlic Flavor  8 oz. Lure Scent by Chompers

    Formula Garlic Flavor 8 oz. Lure Scent by Chompers

    Garlic flavor is a proven fish attractant and proves especially deadly when used in combination with salt-impregnated lures. Once the bait is rigged on a hook or jig, just spray a short burst of Formula G on the lure. The garlic slowly disperses in water...
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  • Atlas-Mike's Lunker Lotion 4 oz Fish Attractant

    Atlas-Mike's Lunker Lotion 4 oz Fish Attractant

    Lunker Lotion has quickly become a favorite among anglers and guides, and for good reason - it helps catch more fish! Special blend of concentrated scents, flavors, amino acids and neon colors combined with our super sticky formula makes this a must have...
  • Atlas-Mike's Lunker Oil 8 oz Spray

    Atlas-Mike's Lunker Oil 8 oz Spray Scent

    Atlas Mike’s Lunker Oil 8 oz: Time-tested and field-tested! Top choice among anglers and guides for over 35 years. Lunker Oil makes all lures and baits more effective. Special blend of scents, flavors and amino acids stimulate fish to strike. Also...
  • FishSticks Scented Lure Enhancer

    FishSticks Scented Lure Enhancer

    Endorsed by 7-time B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year, Kevin VanDam. FishSticks are the only solid fish attractant, designed to eliminate the mess of liquid scents. No spilling, leaking, etc. The scent is eaily applied with a 0.5 oz screw-up tube. You'll get...
  • MegaStrike Fish Attractant

    MegaStrike Original Fish Attractants

    MegaStrike is comprised of the proper balance of Amino Acids and proteins to make the fish strike, hold onto and consume your bait. Research indicates that fish need to consume specific amino acids and proteins to survive. MegaStrike is scientifically...