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Ice Rods & Reels

  • Wicked Ice Combo

    Wicked Ice Combo by 13Fishing

    Wicked Ice Spinning Combos have the same great blank and guides as the original just with a Evolve Carbon Divide Reel Seat with a white soft touch finish. The solid Toray blank rods have Evolve Performance Guides and the reels have an aluminum spool with...

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  • Wicked Patriot Edition Combo

    Wicked Patriot Edition Combo by 13Fishing

    George Washingtons' personal set up. Used in the battle of Trenton, the Inline FreeFall Ghost reel and Tickle Stick rod detect and apprehend all potential opportunities.Reel Key Features WICKED Long Stem Reel Ported Aluminum Spool Aluminum...

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  • Thermo Ice Tactical Edition Combo

    Thermo Ice Tactical Edition Combo by 13Fishing

    Crafted for strategic advancement, Thermo Ice Tactical Edition is equipped with wise features from a sensitive solid graphite blank that detects fish while combating them, to lightweight and stiffened graphite body and rotor this pair is the combat...

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  • Freefall Ghost Patriot Ice Reel

    Freefall Ghost Patriot Ice Reel by 13Fishing

    The 13 Fishing FreeFall Ghost Reel features the revolutionary FreeFall trigger that allows hard water anglers to hit specific depths, and get instant hookups by releasing the trigger in the target zone. Expect easy one-handed operation, smooth drag, and...

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  • Wicked Stealth Combo

    Wicked Stealth Combo by 13Fishing

    The Wicked Stealth combo is built to infiltrate the enemy territory and liberate the trophies stashed away there. Durable Aluminum features and High Strength components are designed for combat under fire. The Widow Maker 36Ton blank is the precision...

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  • Omen Ice Rod

    Omen Ice Rod by 13Fishing

    Built for big dogs, this series comes equipped to handle anything from panfish to the burliest lakers, gnarly pike, and wily old walleye. Features: J36T Blank Evolve Ported Reel Seat Portuguese 3A SG (Split Grip) Cork Handle Evolve Thin Wire...

    $49.99 - $60.00
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  • Black Betty Freefall XL

    Black Betty Freefall XL by 13Fishing

    New for 2020-21 the FreeFall gets supersized! More capacity, more versatility, and more drag. The FreeFall XL features a Core Balanced Magnetic Breaking system and faster drop rate. The streamlined FreeFall design adds a ”pencil grip” comfort...

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  • Infrared Spinning Reel

    Infrared Spinning Reel by 13Fishing

    Take your ice fishing up a notch with the 13 Fishing Infrared Ice Spinning Reel! This reel is made with you in mind. It has a soft handle and a lightweight body for comfort and to reduce fatigue. The body may be light, but it does not compromise on...

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  • Speed Cast Underspin Reel

    Speed Cast Underspin Reel by Lew's

    2-bearing system Aluminum cone Dual pick-up pins External stainless steel screws Ergonomically designed trigger Graphite handle with Combat Grip™ paddle knob Speed Lube® for exceptional smoothness and uninterrupted performance in all weather...

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  • Jason Mitchell Gen8 Combo

    Jason Mitchell Gen8 Combo by Clam Outdoors

    The JM Gen8 is truly the next generation of premium fishing rod and reel combos. The Gen8 reel provides superior drag, a smooth retrieve while the oversized spool minimizes line twist.  Solid graphic blanks, textured no-lip PU handle and an EVA rod...

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  • Dave Genz Spring Bobber Combo

    Dave Genz Spring Bobber Combo by Clam Outdoors

    The Dave Genz Spring Bobber Series offers 4 models to choose from.  Super sensitive composite blanks matched with a quality reel. The spring bobber is made of Nitinol, which is extremely durable, sensitive and has no memory.  Actions were...

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  • Voltage Combo

    Voltage Combo by Clam Outdoors

    The Voltage Combo is going to light up your ice angling this season. This rod and reel combo offers a strong, but ultra-sensitive fiberglass rod with lightweight wire frame guides along with a composite reel.  The result is a strong, yet super...

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  • Straight Drop Combo

    Straight Drop Combo by Clam Outdoors

    The Straight Drop Rod and Reel Combo does exactly what the name says...drops your ice fishing lure with a smooth and super-straight off-the-spool line presentation. Without coiling or memory the line will twist less, allowing anglers to get more bites...

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  • Voltage Reel

    Voltage Reel by Clam Outdoors

    The Voltage Reel will light up your ice angling this season. The Voltage is comprised of lightweight, but strong components, resulting in a powerful reel that’s comfortable to use. And an electric color scheme will put a little flair in your hook...

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  • Straight Drop Reel

    Straight Drop Reel by Clam Outdoors

    The Straight Drop Reel does exactly what the name says...drops your jig or spoon with a smooth and straight line presentation. Without line coiling or memory, your lure will twist less and give a more natural look. This will lead to increased bites and a...

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  • Archangel Ice Rod

    Archangel Ice Rod by 13 Fishing

    Through heat and pressure applied directly from the custom CNC mold, the Evolve Carbon Forging process merges blank and handle into one continuous single piece monocoque body. The sensitivity of the blank cannot be compared to any other rod. Vibrations...

    $149.99 - $150.00
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