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Ice Rods & Reels

  • Katana Ice Combo

    Katana Ice Combo by Clam Outdoors

    The Katana Combo by Clam is a solid graphite rod that is built with maximum strength to handle the biggest fish and features our Tsuka featherlight grip that allows you to comfortably hold all day. It’s reel is the perfect balance of size &...
  • Scepter Carbon Rod

    Scepter Carbon Rod by Clam Outdoors

    The Scepter Carbon features a precision wet sanded blank that gives it a stout backbone that tapers to an extra-fine tip.  Using premium Toray graphite, anglers will be able to feel even the lightest of bites. Additionally, the blank is perfectly...
  • Straight Drop Rod

    Straight Drop Rod by Clam Outdoors

    The ergonomic handle and ultra-sensitivity of the Straight Drop Rod are perfect for any panfish angler. Featuring an extremely sensitive blank with a great moderate action for perfect hook sets. The Straight Drop Rod pairs great with any reel but was...
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  • Katana Ice Rod

    Katana Ice Rod by Clam Outdoors

    The Katana Rod by Clam is built with a sensitive 30T solid graphite blank with strength and sensitivity in mind.  This rod features our Tsuka featherlight grip handle that allows you to comfortably hold all day. Available in a broad range of...
    $49.99 - $59.99
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  • Spring Bobber Combo

    Spring Bobber Combo by Clam Outdoors

    The Spring Bobber pairs a lightweight composite rod blank with a Nitinol Spring Bobber tip and a quality reel that will help ice anglers detect the slightest bites. The Nitinol spring bobber is exceptionally durable, sensitive and has no memory. Clam...
  • Katana Ice Spinning Reel

    Katana Ice Spinning Reel by Clam Outdoors

    The Clam Katana sports a lightweight frame, making it the ideal spinning reel to pair with your favorite ice rod. It’s super smooth 6+1 ball bearings, Clam’s SF Drag System, and oversized EVA handle ensure that no matter what you are...
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  • Whiteout Ice Reel

    Whiteout Ice Reel by 13 Fishing

    The redesigned 13 Fishing Whiteout Ice Reel provides top-if-the-line performance and styling. Six stainless steel ball bearings and one roller bearing provide unmatched smoothness. The instant anti-reverse functionality quickly engages the drag to...
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  • Wicked Hornet Ice Combo

    Wicked Hornet Ice Combo by 13 Fishing

    It’s hard to be humble when you’re this great. The Wicked Ice Hornet’s wrestled with Alligators, tussled with a whale, handcuffed lightning, and threw thunder in jail. This combo has an agile Solid Toray Graphite blank with power and...
  • Blackout 27" Ultra Light Ice Combo

    Blackout 27" Ultra Light Ice Combo by 13 Fishing

    Full Battle Rattle, the Blackout ice combo pulls no punches offering an advanced system for effective species targeting and acquisition. Strategic lightness is inserted with a Contoured EVA Handle Knob. Stainless Steel Guides with polished inserts, and...
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  • Black Betty Freefall Carbon Reel

    Black Betty Freefall Carbon Reel by 13 Fishing

    On the Mount Rushmore of ice reels, the Black Betty family holds all four spots. With the “George Washington” of the group being the FreeFall Carbon. The revolutionary FreeFall trigger allows hard water anglers to use their flasher, hit...
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  • Quantum Glacier XTi Ice Combo

    Glacier XTi Ice Fishing Combo by Quantum

    Quantum XTi Ice features a lightweight graphite reel with a Reel Engine Design for superior freeness. It is equipped with an 8-ball bearing system and a continuous anti-reverse clutch for smooth performance and solid hook sets. This combo has an aluminum...
  • Celsius Blizzard Ice Combo

    Blizzard Ice Fishing Spinning Combos by Celsius

    The Blizzard Ice Combo by Celsius features an IM6 graphite blank with carbon fiber handle, aluminum oxide guides, high vis orange tip and a rubber O-Ring reel seat.  The HT Accucast spinning reel has 2 bearings, a 5.2:1 gear ratio and features...
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  • Wicked Patriot Edition Combo

    Wicked Patriot Edition Combo by 13 Fishing

    George Washingtons' personal set up. Used in the battle of Trenton, the Inline FreeFall Ghost reel and Tickle Stick rod detect and apprehend all potential opportunities.Reel Key Features: WICKED Long Stem Reel Ported Aluminum Spool Aluminum...
  • Freefall Ghost Patriot Ice Reel

    Freefall Ghost Patriot Ice Reel by 13 Fishing

    The 13 Fishing FreeFall Ghost Reel features the revolutionary FreeFall trigger that allows hard water anglers to hit specific depths, and get instant hookups by releasing the trigger in the target zone. Expect easy one-handed operation, smooth drag, and...
  • Wicked Stealth Spinning Combo

    Wicked Stealth Spinning Combo by 13 Fishing

    The Wicked Stealth combo is built to infiltrate the enemy territory and liberate the trophies stashed away there. Durable Aluminum features and High Strength components are designed for combat under fire. The Widow Maker 36 Ton blank is the precision...
  • Black Betty Freefall XL

    Black Betty Freefall XL by 13 Fishing

    New for 2020-21 the FreeFall gets supersized! More capacity, more versatility, and more drag. The FreeFall XL features a Core Balanced Magnetic Breaking system and faster drop rate. The streamlined FreeFall design adds a ”pencil grip” comfort...
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  • Infrared Spinning Reel

    Infrared Spinning Reel by 13 Fishing

    Take your ice fishing up a notch with the 13 Fishing Infrared Ice Spinning Reel! This reel is made with you in mind. It has a soft handle and a lightweight body for comfort and to reduce fatigue. The body may be light, but it does not compromise on...
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  • Speed Cast Underspin Reel

    Speed Cast Underspin Reel by Lew's

    2-bearing system Aluminum cone Dual pick-up pins External stainless steel screws Ergonomically designed trigger Graphite handle with Combat Grip™ paddle knob Speed Lube® for exceptional smoothness and uninterrupted performance in all weather...
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