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  • 25lb. Mechanical Scale

    25lb. Mechanical Scale by Rapala

    No batteries required with this compact, top view mechanical scale. Weighs fish up to 25 lbs. on durable hook. Includes 32” retractable measuring tape. Includes both pound and kilogram...

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  • 25lb. Mechanical Tube Scale

    25lb. Mechanical Tube Scale by Rapala

    Stainless steel hook, spring & handle with aluminum tube. Pounds and kilogram marks. Marker slide for accurate measuring. Stainless Steel Soft-Grip Handle Marker Slide Stainless Steel...

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  • 36" Adhesive Ruler

    36" Adhesive Ruler Sticker by Rapala

    Outdoor ready adhesive ruler mounts anywhere on your boat for quick, accurate measuring. Include both inches and centimeter increments. 36" Adhesive Ruler Sticks to any hard surface Inch and...

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  • 4" Panfish Pliers

    4" Panfish Pliers by Rapala

    Narrow Gripping Nose provides excellent control and reach for work in small places. Tough Carbon Steel Construction Nickel Plated Finish Compact Size Double Leaf Spring Co-Molded Grips

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  • 5" Mini Pliers

    5" Mini Pliers by Rapala

    Compact needle nose pliers are the perfect size to store in a pocket or tackle box. Spring loaded for one hand operation with co-molded handles for comfort. Needle Nose Pliers Spring...

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  • 5-1/2" Fishing Forceps

    5.5" Fishing Forceps by Rapala

    Must-have tool for removing hooks, rigging and knot tying. Built-in scissors, oversize thumb holes and hand lanyard. Made of Stainless Steel Firm Grip Built-In Scissors Soft-Grip...

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  • 50lb. Sportsman's Digital Scale

    50lb. Sportsman's Digital Scale by Rapala

    Compact and extremely accurate, the 50lb. Digital Scale offers high-end features at a value price. Measures in both pounds and kilograms. Large Display 4 Minute Shutoff Stainless Steel Hook 500...

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  • 6" Hook Remover

    6" Hook Remover by Rapala

    Stainless Steel tube and rust resistant components. The right size to match your catch. Stainless Steel Construction Sizes Available to Match Your Catch Lanyard

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  • 60" Magnum Folding Ruler

    60" Magnum Folding Ruler by Rapala

    Get accurate measurements of all your fish. Includes fold up end wall to bump fish against for extreme accuracy. Ruler features large, easy-to-read numbers molded into high impact plastic, large...

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  • 60" Retractable Ruler

    60" Retractable Ruler by Rapala

    The 60" Retractable Ruler will ensure that you always know the length of your catch. Spring loaded retractable ruler for easy storage. Oversized, easy to read numbers, in 1/2” increments up...

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  • Battery Aerator

    Battery Aerator by Rapala

    Quiet, powerful diaphragm pump. Runs on 2 C cell batteries (not included). 24" hose with filter stone to protect pump. Features: 24" Hose Filter Stone for Quality Aeration Runs on 2 C cell Batteries...

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  • BX Minnow BXM10 4" Balsa Bait by Rapala

    BX Minnow BXM10 4" Balsa Bait by Rapala

    The BX® Minnow, like the BX® Swimmer, now give anglers the option to fish a balsa style action in the most extreme, rugged conditions. Truly one-of-a-kind pieces, the actions and the durability are...

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  • Charge 'N Glow

    Charge 'N Glow by Rapala

    There are things in your life that you wonder how you got along without them and now that you have them, you can never go back. This is one of them. Forever fisherman have been relying on borrowed...

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  • Charge 'N Glow Rod Mount

    Charge 'N Glow Rod Mount by Rapala

    Mounted to your rod handle for quick and convenient charging of glow baits. Ultra Violet L.E.D.s create peak brightness from glow baits. Compact design allows you to fish like it's not there...

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  • Clipper Combo

    Clipper Combo by Rapala

    These "use 'em all the time" tools are ready for action. Lightweight clipper is perfect for cutting line and cleaning up stray ends of knots. Also on clipper is Rapala® lure tuning tool, handy...

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