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Trolling Baits & Plugs

  • Reef Stalker 900 Series Deep Diving Crankbaits

    Reef Stalker 900 Series Deep Diving Crankbait

    Reef Runner's newest bait, the Reef Stalker is the loudest and most technologically designed lure Reef Runner has ever made. Scott Stecher, part of the Acme Design Team, created this lure with a unique "rail & rattle" multiple-rattle sound chamber...
  • Suspending Minnow 4-5/8" Jerkbait by Bandit

    Suspending Minnow 4-5/8" Jerkbait by Bandit

    Scattered walleye and zander anglers in North America and Europe have learned that by weighting trolling lures for neutral buoyancy they can slow trolling speeds but maintain desired running depths and can keep inside-line baits running in the prime zone...
  • B-Shad 3.5" Jerkbaits by Bandit

    B-Shad 3.5" Jerkbaits by Bandit

    The Bandit B-Shad jerkbait/slender minnow plug is designed for both trolling and casting for bass, walleye, and even zander and other gamefish. The B-Shad stickbait/jerkbait dives to about 10 feet on a long cast, and deeper when trolled on a long line...
  • Walleye Shallow Jerkbaits by Bandit

    Walleye Shallow Jerkbaits by Bandit

    The Bandit Walleye Shallow dives to almost 12 feet on a long cast and trolls a little deeper than that, making it perfect for walleye, zander and bass when they're holding in the medium depths. Measuring 4-3/4-inches in length and weighing in at 5/8...
  • Dreamweaver Captain's Choice Plug

    Captain's Choice Plug by Dreamweaver

    Captain’s Choice. What more is there to say? The name speaks for itself. The Captain’s Choice plug is a fish assassin. Its enticing action and available color combinations are unparalleled. From the classically styled chrome red head, to the...
  • Glotech Trolling Plug

    Glotech 4.5" Lighted Trolling Plug

    GLOTECH Trolling Plugs are hand-painted and feature an easy-to-use LED light system. Simply unscrew the head, insert the battery and LED light color of your choice. Baits are pre-rigged with a double treble hook harness. Each package includes 2 batteries...
  • Long A 4.5" Jerkbait

    Long A B15A 4.5" Jerkbait by Bomber

    The Bomber Long A is a legendary slender minnow jerkbait made for twitching for bass and trolling/casting for big walleyes, salmon and other gamefish. The Long A mimics a minnow’s lifelike swimming action when trolled or retrieved at a constant...
  • Bandit Walleye Deep Jerkbaits

    Walleye Deep Jerkbaits by Bandit

    The Bandit Walleye Deep dives all the way to 27 feet and trolls even deeper than that. Walleye, zander and other predator fish love this slender minnow jerkbait. Measuring 4-3/4-inches and weighing 5/8-ounce, the Bandit Walleye Deep is a go-to fishing...
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  • ThunderStick MadFlash 4-3/8"

    ThunderStick MadFlash 4-3/8" by Storm

    The ThunderStick MadFlash features the original design, swimming action and rattle but with a few upgrades. With traditional colors and finishes plus the UV Bright finishes, 3-D holographic eyes and external scale patterns even the baitfish can’t tell...