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Trolling Gear

  • HT Firefly Planer Board Lights

    Firefly Planer Board Lights 2-Pack by HT Enterprises

    Bright L.E.D. powered Firefly Planer Board Lights universally fit any planer board brand.  Also makes a great tip-up light for ice fishing! Easily and securely attach to the board's flag assembly. Two pieces per package - one orange, one green Part...

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  • LeaderMate Trolling Tackle Organizer

    Leader-Mate Foam Trolling Tackle Organizer

    Tangled leaders and knotted rigs are a thing of the past with Leader-Mate! Just wrap your fishing rigs, monofilament, fluorocarbon, even wire, around the Leader-Mate, then store your sinkers, divers/planers, hooks or other terminal tackle in...

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  • Dipsy Diver Holder w/ Diver

    Dipsy Diver Holder by Rapala

    Made from durable composite plastic, now you can securely store a single 4.25" or smaller Luhr-Jensen Dipsy Diver (fits sizes 030, 000 and 001). Holds Dipsy Diver at ideal position for rigging, great for rough waters. Mount to any flat surface on your...

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  • Quick-Slide Deck Mounting Bracket #1010

    Quick-Slide Deck Mounting Bracket #1010 by Scotty

    A great low profile mount that is easy to use with its “quick-slide” function. Exclusively works with Depthking and Depthmaster Compact Downriggers. Designed to work with No. 1025 and No. 1029 optional mounts Features: Mount...

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  • Mini Power Grip Plus w/ 18" Leader #1180

    Mini Power Grip Plus w/ 18" Leader #1180 by Scotty

    Mini Power Grip Plus with 18” Wire Leader and Stacking Self-Locating Snap. Fishing line is gripped between the soft pads and variable release tension is attained by moving the line in or out of the jaws. The “tension adjuster” doubles...

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  • Power Grip Plus Planner Board Release #1177

    Power Grip Plus Planner Board Release #1177 by Scotty

    Power Grip Plus Planer Board Release. Fishing line is gripped between the soft pads and variable release tension is attained by moving the line in or out of the jaws. The “tension adjuster” doubles the holding power if needed. Streamlined...

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  • Flush Mount Power Port White

    Flush Mount Power Port White by Cannon

    Power port allows for quick thru-hull connection to a Cannon downrigger power cable. It quickly connects to the yellow female battery end plug from your downrigger, with no need to cut or splice wires. The watertight cover and gasket shield your...

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  • White Downrigger Cover

    White Downrigger Cover by Cannon

    Protects your downrigger with a professional-grade cover. Guards against the elements with a secure fit and non-abrasive backing. Features: Compatible with all Cannon downriggers. Non-abrasive backing. Secure hook and look attachment. Color:...

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  • Retro-Ease Weight Retriever

    Retro-Ease Weight Retriever by Cannon

    Brings the weight right to you so you can avoid leaning out or swinging the boom for rigging. The durable cord is 8' long. Features: Universal fit compatible with all Cannon downriggers. Prevents back pain associated with bending and reaching for...

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  • Pinch-R-Release

    Pinch-R-Release by Cannon

    Spring-action clip opens quickly and easily with finger pressure. The deeper the line is set back in the pads, the greater the tension. Tension settings range from 2 to 12 pounds. Features: Tension Setting: Adjustable – Light Lighter tension...

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  • Offshore Line Release

    Offshore Line Release by Cannon

    Quick and easy to set even on turbulent waters, it won’t damage your line by twisting, winding, or looping. Spring-loaded “clothespin” design allows for all types of fishing. Features: Tension Setting: Medium Higher tension setting...

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  • Magnum 10 TS Downrigger

    Magnum 10 TS Electric Downrigger by Cannon

    The Magnum 10 Tournament Series (TS) features a stainless steel spool, all-white construction that is seriously tough and seriously powerful. Magnum 10 TS is the go-to downrigger for serious anglers for exactly these reasons. Its ruggedness and...

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  • Uni-Troll 5 Downrigger

    Uni-Troll 5 Downrigger by Cannon

    Take command of controlled depth fishing when you equip your boat with a Uni-Troll downrigger. Features a 2:1 retrieval speed, three digit depth counter, and a 24” stainless steel boom. Features: One-Hand Clutch Deploy - Precisely and easily...

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  • Easi-Troll Downrigger

    Easi-Troll Downrigger by Cannon

    Ideal for smaller boats and fishermen just beginning to realize the advantage of fishing a downrigger. Features an innovative design with a 1.5:1 retrieval speed, and One-Hand Clutch Deploy allows for controlled weight descent and accurate bait...

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  • Uni-Troll 10 Downrigger

    Uni-Troll 10 Downrigger by Cannon

    Take command of controlled depth fishing when you equip your boat with a Uni-Troll 10 downrigger. Features an innovative design that lets you pull your lines back in with less cranking effort and One-Hand Clutch Deploy for simple precise bait positioning...

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  • Magnum 5 Electric Downrigger

    Magnum 5 Electric Downrigger by Cannon

    Magnum 5 provide instant up/down control of your weights with a flip of the up/down switch. Stop cranking your weights up manually, and start getting automatic retrieval of your trolling weights to increase your efficiency on the water. Features: Auto...

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