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Turkey Calls

  • Lightning Owl Call

    Lightning Owl Call by Flextone

    We combined the best of two classic call styles to bring you the ultimate owl hooter. The Lightning Owl™ is part reed call; part barrel call; all parts effective. The oversized barrel does the work for you by creating automatic backpressure, while...
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  • Early Bird Turkey Box Call

    Early Bird Turkey Box Call by Primos

    Primos Early Bird Box Call is a double-sided box, creating tones only Purple Heart can offer, that look and feel as good as it sounds. Purple Heart is one of the most durable and sturdiest woods in the world. Not only is it exotic and rare due to its...
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  • 3-N-1 Turkey Locator Call

    3-N-1 Turkey Locator Call by Primos

    The shrill cries of peacocks, pileated wood peckers, and coyotes are well known for driving gobblers crazy. Use the 3-N-1 Locator to produce any of these sounds and gobblers won't be able to resist giving away their location. The 3-N-1 is Locator will...
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  • Lock Jaw Box Call Band

    Lock Jaw Box Call Band by Primos

    Many experienced turkey hunters have adopted ways to keep their box calls silent as they move through the woods. They Lock Jaw is the most effective device we have found to keep you box calls silent. It also quickly detaches when you need to use your...
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  • Box Call Chalk

    Box Call Chalk by Primos

    Primos makes the finest friction calls on the market. Keep them sounding sweet with our wax-free Box Call Chalk. Three pieces of wax-free chalk Plastic carrying case In 1983, Will began assembling what would one day become the premier leader of hunting...
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  • Power Hawk Turkey Call by Primos

    Power Hawk Turkey Call by Primos

    Locating a big Tom during the day can be difficult. The shrill cry of a hawk can make those Toms gobble when nothing else can. The high-pitched frequency of the call causes them to shock gobble. Locate your next big Tom with the Power Hawk™! Features:...
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  • Drag Strip Turkey Call by Primos

    Drag Strip Turkey Call by Primos

    The Primos Drag Strip is a modern version of an old school traditional call. The Drag Strip is made of CNC milled exotic hardwood and Pennsylvania slate. The design, with a built-in sound board and sound ports, fits perfectly in your hand to produce...
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  • Double Gobble Turkey Call by Primos

    Double Gobble Turkey Call by Primos

    At Primos they've studied the recent interest in hand blown gobble calls. They are effective if you can master them. Truthfully, few can. Primos has worked hard on the Double Gobble™ to produce a hand blown call that is easy to use. But they didn’t stop...
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  • Hook Hunter Mouth Call - Curved Hooks by Primos

    Hook Hunter Mouth Call - Curved Hooks by Primos

    The Primos Hook Hunter™ Series mouth calls produce incredibly real and unique pitches that even the wisest ole’ tom can’t resist. Custom designed by combining 100+ years of experience by passionate, determined turkey hunters with premium gauge reeds and...
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  • Cuttin' Striker by Primos

    Cuttin' Striker by Primos

    The mushroom-tipped head of the Cuttin’ Striker specializes in breaking into the sharp notes required to sound like hen cutting. The Cuttin’ Striker is a very forgiving striker, which helps you to make fewer mistakes. Our Cuttin’ Striker is crafted from...
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  • Friction Call Striker 3-Pack by Primos

    Friction Call Striker 3-Pack by Primos

    The Primos Striker Pak produces a full range of pitches from very high to low frequencies. The Purple Heart Striker is designed for easy handling and control, to increase the accuracy of your calling. The GraveDigger™ Striker is crafted from select...
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  • The Gobbler "Shaker Call" by Primos

    The Gobbler "Shaker Call" by Primos

    This call is so easy; anyone can pick it up and gobble just like a turkey. We've modeled this call after the tried and true products of the past, but added a few features to enhance its performance. You'll be glad you have The Gobbler in your bag of...
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    Tirade Variable Pitch Turkey Box Call by Knight & Hale

    Tirade Variable Pitch Turkey Box Call by Knight & Hale

    The Tirade Friction Call by Knight & Hale allows you to change tones and pitches with a simple rotation of the dial. Now you can sound like several different birds, without having to carry multiple calls. The Tirade is built with CNC precision, and is...
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