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Ned Rigs

  • Big TRD 4" ElaZtech Stick Bait

    Big TRD 4" ElaZtech Stick Bait by Z-Man

    The 4" Big TRD (The Real Deal) is designed specifially for the Midwest finesse style of fishing, more commonly known as the Ned Rig, which has been gaining momentum nationwide as a subtle and easy-to-master, yet amazingly effective, presentation. While...
  • 3" NED Worms

    3" NED Worms by RoboWorm

    Meet Roboworm's all new 3" NED Worm! Designed to be fished with a jig head for the popular "ned" rig technique. But this bait will do so much more. A true multi-purpose tool, this new design excels on the Ned Rig, Drop Shot, Wacky Rig, Weedless, Shakey...