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  • Mallard Magic Double Reed Duck Call

    Mallard Magic Double Reed Duck Call by BG Calls

    Countless hunters depend on the proven performance of Buck Gardner's Mallard Magic double reed call. The Cajun-style "push in" guts are easily customizable for seasoned hunters, yet easy for new hunters to learn. The Mallard Magic can produce the full...
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  • Tall Timber Single Reed Duck Call

    Tall Timber Single Reed Duck Call by BG Calls

    A single reed polycarbonate call that was born in flooded green timber. The Tall Timber is made for barky hail calls and aggressive feeding chatter to grab their attention and coax ducks down through the trees. Whether you're competing for public land...
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  • The Audible Acrylic Single Reed Duck Call

    The Audible Acrylic Single Reed Duck Call by BG Calls

    This small frame call delivers a great range of volume and sound. Designed to give the caller the "hybrid" feel with the pop of a cutdown when needed and the whine on the bottom end to finish. Machined out of high quality acrylic and hand tuned to...
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  • 6 Volt AC Charger

    6 Volt AC Charger by Lucky Duck

    * NOT compatible with Lithium-ion batteries Specifications: 6 volt charger Easy alligator clip design to re-charge battery Also has detachment for Lucky HD's charging port Works on all Lucky Duck Decoys with 6 volt lead acid batteries
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  • Lucky HD Remote Receiver 2.0

    Lucky HD Remote Receiver 2.0 by Lucky Duck

    When paired with a Lucky Duck HD transmitter 2.0 (sold separately), Lucky Duck's Lucky HD Receiver allows you to control motorized waterfowl decoys. The HD Receiver 2.0 has 3 channel options compatible with the HD transmitter 2.0. Specifications: Sync...
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  • Revolver 360° Cellular Trail Camera

    Revolver 360° Cellular Trail Camera by Stealth Cam

    Stealth Cam’s all-new Revolver 360-Degree Cellular Trail Camera delivers the equivalent of six cameras worth of coverage in a single device—capturing 4MP/8MP/16MP/36MP photos and 1080 HD video with audio via a revolutionary, 360-degree...
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  • Menace Tree Saddle

    Menace Tree Saddle by Tethrd

    MILSPEC CONSTRUCTIONThe Menace saddle is made with heavy duty MILSPEC components. Tethrd searched high and low for materials that were light weight, durable, and extremely strong. AMSTEEL BRIDGEThe Tethrd Menace comes with a fixed 30″ Amsteel...
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  • Molle Pouch Coyote Brown

    Molle Pouch Coyote Brown by Tethrd

    Molle compatible pouches made of Cordura to be extra tough. Laser cut molle and comes with malice clips to attach to just about anything you can think of. Small: 4″ Wide 4″ Tall 2″ Deep Medium: 4″ wide 8″ Tall 2″...
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  • Eberhart Signature Series Tree Saddle

    Eberhart Signature Series Tree Saddle by Tethrd

    John Eberhart designed the ESS based off his 40 years of saddle hunting experience. He’s hunted with his own DIY saddle since the early 1980s. Now Tethrd is bringing his version of a minimalist saddle to the saddle hunting community. The ESS has...
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  • Knee Savers

    Knee Savers by Trophyline

    Trophyline's Knee Savers are the final step in comfort when using any of the Trophyline Tree Saddles. A set of Knee Savers can quickly and quietly be put on over your exterior clothing and be adjusted to fit anyone. These heavily padded Knee Savers will...
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  • Wild Country Ropeman 4 Ascender

    Wild Country Ropeman 4 Ascender by Trophyline

    The Ropeman 4 is the latest, innovative evolution of the original Wild Country ascender. This compact rope clamp covers a wide range of technical applications, including emergency rescue, self-rescue, ascending, self-belay and positioning lanyard...
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  • Covert Pro 2.0 Tree Saddle

    Covert Pro 2.0 Tree Saddle by Trophyline

    Utilizing Trophyline's Covert Lite design and adding in features that you the customer wanted, they came up with the Covert Pro Saddle. It features a lightweight brushed windproof tricot fabric with great stability and comfort. The Mossy Oak Bottomland...
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  • Venatic Tree Saddle

    Venatic Tree Saddle by Trophyline

    The Next Generation of Saddles is Here. USA MADE – Ultralight saddle hunting refined… The most comfortable saddle you will ever sit in and one of the lightest in existence, meet the Venatic Saddle. A saddle designed to push you...
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  • Camo Square Accessory Pouch

    Camo Square Accessory Pouch by Trophyline

    Features: 7”H x 8”W x 2”D 1 Large Zippered Pouch 2 mesh outside pockets Water Resistant Shell with fleece liner Great for carrying and storing your Tree Tether and carabiner. Molle System: Easy to attach to Tree...
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  • The EDP Platform

    The EDP Platform by Trophyline

    Smaller, lighter and stronger. Introducing the Strongest, Sturdiest and most Durable platform EVER BUILT!! Meet The EDP. The Everyday Platform.  Features: Made in the USA   13.5" wide x 13" deep One piece Cast Aluminum...
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  • The Onyx Platform

    The Onyx Platform by Trophyline

    The Onyx is a saddle platform that simply has it all.  The Onyx contains an Angled Perimeter -  angles on each side of the platform, with built-in non-slip ridges, containing the ideal contact points for foot placement and comfort when...
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  • Venatic Brown Pouch

    Venatic Brown Pouch by Trophyline

    The Next Generation of Saddle requires a Next Generation Pouch!  The Venatic Pouch features the same ultralight rip-stop material as Trophyline's Venatic Saddle & comes in at only 1.5oz! Premium quick connectors make attaching the Venatic Pouch...
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  • Camo Round Accessory Pouch

    Camo Round Accessory Pouch by Trophyline

    Features: 8” height 4.5' diameter Water Resistant Shell with Fleece liner Great for carrying your Lineman's belt and carabiners, or a place to put a Thermos or water bottle Drawstring closure Molle System: Easy to attach to Molle loops on Tree...
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  • TechCore 8mm Rope

    TechCore 8mm Rope by Trophyline

    Ropes are a crucial part of any mobile hunting setup. This ultralight rope is incredibly tough, while being supple enough to fit neatly in the palm of your hand.  This rope can easily be girth hitched to any saddle for use as the Lineman's Rope,...
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