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Food Prep

  • Ultimate Jerky Cutting Board and Knife Kit

    Ultimate Jerky Cutting Board And Knife by Hi Mountain

    Hi Mountain has created the ultimate jerky cutting board with an innovative, patent pending design. No other jerky cutting board has these convenient features all in one! Slices Perfect Strips for Jerky! Dishwasher safe Components nest into board for...

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  • Andria's House Salad Dressing

    Andria's zesty vinegar-and-oil based salad dressing has been a popular choice at their restaurant for thirty years. Now this fabulous product is available for use in your own home. Perfect for topping salads, this versatile dressing also works great on...

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  • Turkey Hunter's Jerky Seasonings by Hi Mountain

    Hi Mountain brand jerky cure and seasoning made especially for wild turkey. Package includes enough seasoning and cure for 15 pounds of whole muscle meat or 11 lbs of ground meat, along with instructions and shaker bottle. Jerky can be cooked in a...

  • Snackin' Sticks by Hi Mountain Jerky

    Making your own snack sticks at home is easy with Hi Mountain's Snackin' Sticks Kit. Make delicious sticks from beef, pork, poultry or wild game. Simply mix the cure and seasoning and add to ground meat. Use a meat grinder, sausage stuffer, or Hi...

  • Skeeter's Batter It Up! Light Frying Mixes

    Skeeter's Batter It Up Light Frying Mix was founded in 2008 by Skeeter Warner in Homer, Michigan. While there are other batter mixes on the market today, none can match the quality and consistency of Skeeter’s. Skeeter's Frying Mix is lightweight and...

  • Meat Freezer Bags by Weston

    Features: High-quality polyethylene bags to protect meats in the freezer Includes space to clearly mark the type of meat and date of processing BPA Free 2lb - 100 count MPN #07-1002 3lb - 100 count 4.75" diameter x 13.5" long MPN...

  • Lowland Blanket by Yeti

    The Lowlands™ Blanket helps transform every outdoor concert, tailgate, or backcountry post-up into your personal base camp. Everything from the waterproof utility layer to the supremely soft, insulated interior were meticulously engineered to create...

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  • Home Sausage Making Kits by Hi Mountain

    Hi Mountain's Sausage Kits make it easy and delicious, you make it homemade, your way. Each kit seasons up to 30 lbs. of meat, three lbs. at a time if you choose. Kit Includes two 4.2 oz. packets of Hi Mountain cure, two 10 oz. seasoning packets, one...

  • Hi Mountain Jerky Seasoning Variety Packs

    All your favorite flavors from Hi Mountain Seasoning, in one package. This is perfect for those who are just starting with jerky making. Try out all the different flavors to see which one is your favorite. Each of the flavors in this Variety Pack...

  • Hi Mountain Jerky Cure & Seasoning Kits

    Congratulations! You have just found the world's best Jerky Cure and Seasonings. With so many varieties there is something for everyone. Will it be the traditional Original Blend or something to wake up your taste buds like the Inferno Blend that tempts...

  • Brine Kits for Fish and Game by Hi Mountain

    The Hi Mountain Brine Kits are perfect for making delicious smoked meat from fish or game that you've harvested. They can also be used for store bought cornish game hens, chicken, turkey, salmon, trout and much more. Each kit includes 2 packets of...

  • Breakfast Sausage Seasonings by Hi Mountain

    Homemade breakfast sausage is fun and easy to make. With these sausage seasonings you are in control. Make your sausage using 100% pork or mix pork with turkey or wild game — deer, elk, buffalo, antelope. Make patties, use Hi Mountain's Link Master to...

  • Big Bottle Seasoning Blends by Hi Mountain Seasonings

    Big, bold bottles of flavor. Big bottles mean you will have plenty of seasoning and bold flavor means you will be reaching for these bottles often. Hi Mountain Rub Seasonings are deliciously blended for specific meats and as with all their seasoning...

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  • Hi-Country Jerky & Sausage Making DVD

    Created in Hi-Country’s own R&D kitchen, this video is made for home meat processors. Learn how to create delicious snacks in your home using domestic meat or wild game. Over 2.5 hours of complete step-by-step procedures and techniques in making: Jerky,...

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  • 10-Piece Knife Processing Kit by Weston

    This 10-Piece knife set features durable stainless steel blades and riveted handles. Perfect for processing wild game at home. Kit includes: 8" butcher knife 6.5" cleaver 5.75" boning and fillet knife 4.25" skinning knife Adjustable 12...

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  • The Original Jerky Gun Jr. by Weston

    * Due to constant factory improvements, the product shown may vary slightly from the product received. Make delicious, low-calorie, homemade Jerky or Snack Sticks from any ground meat with the Original Jerky Gun Jr. The Original Jerky Gun Jr. can hold...

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  • The Original Jerky Gun by Weston

    Make delicious, low-calorie, homemade Jerky or Snack Sticks from any ground meat with the Original Jerky Gun. The Original Jerky Gun can hold up to 1-1/2 lbs of meat and comes equipped with an Easy Squeeze Ratchet Trigger. Includes stomper for easy...

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  • Patti's 1880's Famous Pork Chop Sauce

    Patti's 1880's Famous Pork Chop Sauce

    Patti's Sauce comes in a 13 oz plastic bottle. It is a special blend of seasonings that brings out the flavor in pork chops, chicken and beef. Pair it with Patti's dry seasoning and you have the makings of an amazing dinner!

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  • Patti's 1880's Settlement Famous Seasoning

    Patti's 1880's Famous Seasoning

    Patti's seasoning comes in a 11 oz plastic bottle. It is a special blend of seasonings that can be used throughout the kitchen. Sprinkle lightly on chicken, steaks, pork chops, or fish. Great on vegetables, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, soups and...

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  • Nesco Vacuum Sealer Rolls (8" x 20') by American Harvest

    2 Vacuum Sealer Rolls (7.9" x 19.70') that can be sized accurately to your needs. Traditional storage methods can allow food containments to seep in. Oxygen-fed mold and bacteria cause food spoilage, moisture leads to freezer burn. And penetrating odors...

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  • Nesco White Vacuum Sealer by American Harvest

    Save time and money with the NESCO VS-01 Vacuum Sealer! Prepare whole meals in advance & save leftovers. Eliminate freezer burn, reduce spoilage and waste. Fully automatic, one touch operation, and automatic shut off makes this so easy to use. Seal...

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