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Ice Fishing Accessories

Shop a large selection of ice fishing accessories at the VanDam Warehouse.

  • Glow Ice Buster Bobbers 2pk

    Glow Ice Buster Bobbers 2pk by Clam Outdoors

    The one, the only, the original, and still the best ice fishing bobber invented since 1999 is the Ice Buster Bobber. Trim it down for the correct sensitivity so the fish won’t feel any resistance. It easily snaps on and off the line. Never freezes...
  • Soft Plastics Wallet

    Soft Plastics Wallet by Clam Outdoors

    Clam's Soft Plastics Wallet is ideal for packing light. Literally the size of a wallet, yet big enough to bring your favorite plastics along with you to your favorite fishing spot. Features: Durable 600 Denier outer shell Includes 10 pages, one...
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  • ClamLock Accessory Base Plate

    ClamLock Accessory Base Plate by Clam Outdoors

    The ClamLock series of accessories are great for any type of angler. With a wide variety of accessories in the line, we have an accessory base plate so anglers can have additional base plates to swap out what accessories they want on their hub...
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  • Jig Boxes by Rapala

    Jig Boxes by Rapala

    The Rapala Jig Box is the perfect place to store and protect your jigs! Features: Heavy-Duty Four-Sided Tackle Storage Waterproof Seal High Compression Hook Clips Slotted Compression Foam for Protection or Extra Jig Storage Model...
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  • HT Enterprises Deluxe Retractable Polar Ice Picks

    Deluxe Retractable Polar Ice Picks by HT Enterprises

    It can happen at any time on the ice – that's why you should keep a set of HT Enterprises Deluxe Retractable Polar Ice Picks handy at all times. If you should break through, they'll provide solid purchase on slick ice, giving you the means to pull...
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  • HT Enterprises Ice Anchor Tool

    Ice Anchor Tool by HT Enterprises

    Securing your ice shelter becomes a quick, easy task with the HT Enterprises Ice Anchor Tool. This handy adaptor works with your 18V cordless drill to firmly set your anchors in no time. Simply insert the unbreakable steel receiver shaft into the drill...
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  • K&E Tackle Retractable Ice Picks

    Sitka Retractable Ice Picks by K&E Tackle

    K&E's Sitka Retractable Ice Picks include reatractable covers over the picks for safety while not in use. These picks also feature super grip EVA handles connected by an extra long no-stretch lanyard. 1 pair of picks per package
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  • Utility Box

    Utility Box by Rapala

    The Rapala Utility Box is perfect for storing Lures, Jigs and Soft Plastics as well as other items you may need on your next ice fishing adventure. Features: Heavy-Duty Four-Sided Tackle Storage Waterproof Seal High Compression Hook Clips Slotted...
    $17.99 - $19.99
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  • Titanium Spring Bobber

    Titanium Spring Bobber by Rapala

    Add unmatchable sensitivity to any ice rod. Snap-Back Titanium design will not kink of break. Adjustable tension and hi-vis indicator bead give anglers the edge with even the lightest of bites. Fits most rods. Snap Back Titanium Material Will not...
  • Ice Safety Spike

    Ice Safety Spike by Rapala

    Contoured finger grip handles offer secure grip on this survival tool for ice anglers. Hardened steel spikes penetrate the toughest of ice. Designed to stow spikes inside handles when not in use. Features: Contoured finger grip handles provide a...
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  • Lure Box

    Lure Box by Rapala

    Protect your investment with this new heavy-duty, four-sided tackle storage system, custom designed for jigging lures. Slotted compression foam for protection. High compression locks and waterproof seal keeps inside dry. Dimensions: 9"x5"x3"
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  • Retractable Lanyard

    Retractable Lanyard by Rapala

    Versatile and secure tool management. Model RL3 has a 28" cord with a 6 oz. hang weight capacity. Model RL5 has a 36" cord with a 10 oz. hang weight capacity. Features: 360° rotating carabiner clip provides full range of motion Quick release clip...
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  • Ice Rod Protector

    Ice Rod 15" Protector by Rapala

    Next time you plan a fishing trip, ensure your rods make it safely. The new Rapala® Ice Rod Protector supports and secures your rod tips and blanks during transportation and prevents line tangles when stored with multiple rod combos. Featuring...
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  • Charge 'N Glow Rod Mount

    Charge 'N Glow Rod Mount by Rapala

    Mounted to your rod handle for quick and convenient charging of glow baits. Ultra Violet L.E.D.s create peak brightness from glow baits. Compact design allows you to fish like it's not there. Quickly charge any glow lure, jig or soft plastic Easy...
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  • Fisherman's Pinch Light

    Fisherman's Pinch Light by Rapala

    Upgraded design of an essential tool, the Rapala® Fisherman's Pinch Light features excellent lighting power with locking on/off switch. Clasp swivel key chain. 12 lumens and a 9 hour continuous run time. Powered by 2 Lithium coin batteries included...
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  • Hub 2 Position Rod Holder

    Hub 2 Position Rod Holder by Clam Outdoors

    Now you can easily mount a rod holder to your hub shelter! By removing a wall hub assembly center faceplate and attaching the hub rod holder you can fish hands free. Available for two or four rods. Features: Available in two different models: two rods...
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  • Pro Wrap Rod & Reel Tape

    Pro Wrap Rod & Reel Tape by Clam Outdoors

    Non-adhesive tape for attaching reels and more. Combine your favorite reel to you favorite rod with confidence.  Having a solid connection between the two is important to landing the fish of your lifetime. No more messy adhesive residue which is...
  • Super Slim Jig Box

    Super Slim Jig Box by Clam Outdoors

    Thin but durable, the Super Slim Jig Box holds jigs securely in place with heavy, durable foam. A clear case lets anglers easily find their favorite jig. Features: Slim cut fits perfect in all pant or jacket pockets Custom thick micro slit foam securely...
    $9.99 - $12.99
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  • Hitch Mounting Kit

    Hitch Mounting Kit by Clam Outdoors

    The Hitch Mounting Kit can be used on any Clam Fish Trap or sled to allow for towing attachment. The heavy duty hitch plates are used to mount the base of your shelter to your sled. This mounting kit must be used with the Clam Hitch...
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  • Small Fan Light

    Small Fan Light by Clam Outdoors

    Dual purpose— lights up the shelter as well as moves warm air around for evenly heated shelter! The Fan/Light Combo can be conveniently hung in the best location, and with the touch of a button you can have air movement, light, or both. The battery...
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  • Deluxe Lithium Rechargeable Aerator

    Deluxe Lithium Rechargeable Aerator by Clam Outdoors

    Healthy bait can make a huge difference.  Adding an aerator is a great idea to keep bait fresh and minnows alive.  The Deluxe Lithium Aerator is rechargeable and long lasting. Equipped with all the accessories in a top end aerator including the...
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