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Clam Outdoors

  • Dingle Drop 1/16 oz.

    Dingle Drop 1/16 oz. Size #12 by Clam Outdoors

    Who says a ball and chain is a bad thing? The Dingle dangles, creating movement with any motion. The swingin’ chain and attractor bead lures fish in and causes them to pull the trigger. Even...
    $3.99 - $4.19
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  • Super Slim Jig Box

    Super Slim Jig Box by Clam Outdoors

    Thin but durable, the Super Slim Jig Box holds jigs securely in place with heavy, durable foam. A clear case lets anglers easily find their favorite jig. Features: Slim cut fits perfect in all pant...
    $9.99 - $12.99
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  • Drill Plate w/ Power Drive

    Drill Plate w/ Power Drive by Clam Outdoors

    Take your auger drilling power to the next level. The Clam Drill Plate has revolutionized the simplicity and ease of drilling holes in the ice. The Power Drive accessory, designed for the Clam Drill...
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  • Hitch Mounting Kit

    Hitch Mounting Kit by Clam Outdoors

    The Hitch Mounting Kit can be used on any Clam Fish Trap or sled to allow for towing attachment. The heavy duty hitch plates are used to mount the base of your shelter to your sled. This mounting kit...
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  • Power Drive Gear Box

    Power Drive Gear Box by Clam Outdoors

    Take your auger drilling power to the next level. The Power Drive accessory was engineered to enhance the power and torque of augers that use cordless drills. It also reduces the torque on your drill...
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  • Voltage Reel

    Voltage Reel by Clam Outdoors

    The Voltage Reel will light up your ice angling this season. The Voltage is comprised of lightweight, but strong components, resulting in a powerful reel that’s comfortable to use. And an...
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  • Straight Drop Reel

    Straight Drop Reel by Clam Outdoors

    The Straight Drop Reel does exactly what the name says...drops your jig or spoon with a smooth and straight line presentation. Without line coiling or memory, your lure will twist less and give a...
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  • Mino 1" Soft Plastic

    Mino 1" Soft Plastic by Clam Outdoors

    The problem with almost all small plastics is they don’t look alive down there. Stiff plastics are worthless unless fish have a death wish. But, wow, when you see the tiny Mino from Maki you...
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  • Small Fan Light

    Small Fan Light by Clam Outdoors

    Dual purpose— lights up the shelter as well as moves warm air around for evenly heated shelter! The Fan/Light Combo can be conveniently hung in the best location, and with the touch of a button...
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  • Neki 7/8" Soft Plastic

    Neki 7/8" Soft Plastic by Clam Outdoors

    The Neki is 7/8” diameter and designed to go around the neck of collar of the jig. Slide it us and over the hook, butting it up tight to your jighead. Secret tip is to secure with Super Glue...
    $2.99 - $3.49
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  • Waterproof Tactical Glove by Clam

    Waterproof Tactical Glove by Clam

    These waterproof gloves give anglers the ultimate grip, as well as comfort. This "mechanic style glove" is high performance hand wear that truly fits like a glove. A tighter fit means...
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  • Spring Bobber 2 Pack by Clam

    Spring Bobber 2 Pack by Clam

    Made with Titanium and Nickel the Clam Nitinol Spring bobbers are not only highly sensitive, but also kink free and extremely durable. This same material is used in the Dental Industry. Strong,...
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  • Sled Organizer by Clam Outdoors

    Sled Organizer by Clam Outdoors

    As the ultimate fish house gear holder, the Clam Sled Organizer attaches quickly and easily to most flip over fish house sleds. Anglers can secure propane tanks, rods, tackle, jig boxes, and more.....
    $29.99 - $49.99
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  • Sceptre Stick by Clam

    Sceptre Stick by Clam

    Anglers looking for an affordable,  super sensitive rod will benefit from the Clam Sceptre Series. A unique design and a cutting edge reel seat set these sticks apart. The rod blank is potted...
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  • Pro Hoodie by Clam Outdoors

    Pro Hoodie by Clam Outdoors

    Now you can look like a Clam Pro! These comfortable hoodies are designed with the cool Clam "lightning ice" pattern!  Features New lightning ice pattern for 2019 - 2020 Ice Season Sub-dyed...
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  • Jointed 1/8 oz Pinhead Mino by Clam

    Jointed 1/8 oz Pinhead Mino by Clam

    The Jointed Pinhead Jigging Mino is the next generation of the ever popular Pinhead Jigging Mino. This new game changing spoon still has the sleek slab spoon design that is on the Pinhead Mino but...
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