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  • Ledgebuster Gorilla 2oz. Spinnerbait

    Ledgebuster Gorilla 2oz. Spinnerbait by Strikezone

    The Gorilla is the first spinnerbait designed for trolling. It can also be fast rolled in deeper water. This bait is excellent for larger predator fish such as hybrid, striper, and muskie  NOTE that the blade/skirt combinations are color coordinated...
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  • Ledgebuster 1oz. Spinnerbait

    Ledgebuster 1oz. Spinnerbait by Strikezone

    The Ledgebuster is the original deep crankin' spinnerbait and is designed for deep water fishing. This bait has created quite a reputation for itself with major tournament wins, including the 2000 Bassmasters Classic. NOTE that the blade/skirt...
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  • Master Blaster Baits by Strikezone

    Master Blaster Baits by Strikezone

    The Master Blaster is built on a 1/4oz. frame with a 3/4 oz. hidden weight. The smaller profile bait is excellent in windy conditions and the extra weight allows the bait to be fished at greater depths with a faster retrieve. It is equipped with...
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