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Ned Rig Baits

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    Ned Rig Kit

    Ned Rig Kit by Z-Man

    A perfect way to get started fishing the incredibly effective Ned Rig technique, the Ned Rig kit features the most popular and versatile 10X Tough ElaZtech® finesse baits and ShroomZ™ jigheads. Each kit includes Finesse TRD™, TRD...
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    TRD TicklerZ 2.75" Ned Rig Bait by Z-Man

    TRD TicklerZ 2.75" Ned Rig Bait by Z-Man

    The culmination of nearly a decade of testing and tweaking ElaZtech® finesse baits, the TicklerZ is arguably the most effective Ned Rig bait ever made. Sporting a thick, dimpled body that mates seamlessly with ShroomZ™ and NedlockZ™ jigheads, its buoyant...
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