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  • Buck Rage Plus Grunt Call

    Buck Rage Plus Grunt Call by Flextone

    Flextone’s Buck Rage Plus™ holds every deer call you could ever need in a compact, deadly design. Specially crafted additions like a snort wheeze chamber and unique tone bulb give the Buck Rage Plus undeniable realism and versatility for an...
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  • Buck Roar II Grunt Call

    Buck Roar II Grunt Call by Primos

    With crisp and sharp grunts and the most effortless and accurate wheeze, the Buck Roar II will become all deer hunters' favorite go to call. Improving on the legendary Buck Roar, we re-positioned the barrel, reed, and enhancer fit and air flow to easily...
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  • Early Bird Turkey Box Call

    Early Bird Turkey Box Call by Primos

    Primos Early Bird Box Call is a double-sided box, creating tones only Purple Heart can offer, that look and feel as good as it sounds. Purple Heart is one of the most durable and sturdiest woods in the world. Not only is it exotic and rare due to its...
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  • 3-N-1 Turkey Locator Call

    3-N-1 Turkey Locator Call by Primos

    The shrill cries of peacocks, pileated wood peckers, and coyotes are well known for driving gobblers crazy. Use the 3-N-1 Locator to produce any of these sounds and gobblers won't be able to resist giving away their location. The 3-N-1 is Locator will...
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  • Lock Jaw Box Call Band

    Lock Jaw Box Call Band by Primos

    Many experienced turkey hunters have adopted ways to keep their box calls silent as they move through the woods. They Lock Jaw is the most effective device we have found to keep you box calls silent. It also quickly detaches when you need to use your...
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  • The Third Degree Predator Call

    The Third Degree Predator Call by Primos

    Give 'em the Third Degree™ (Third Degree – a severe questioning of a criminal suspect to obtain a confession). This call has been specifically designed by Randy Anderson to jar 'em loose with that irresistible distress that you can take to a...
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  • Box Call Chalk

    Box Call Chalk by Primos

    Primos makes the finest friction calls on the market. Keep them sounding sweet with our wax-free Box Call Chalk. Three pieces of wax-free chalk Plastic carrying case In 1983, Will began assembling what would one day become the premier leader of hunting...
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  • True Talker OG Deer Call

    True Talker OG Deer Call by Hunters Specialties

    The True Talker OG features the original materials and design of the first True Talker ever produced. A soft rubber exterior for unbeatable grip and rubber sleeve over the bellow/grunt tube allows for the manipulation of volume, tone and...
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  • NoBull Grunt/Growl Call

    NoBull Grunt/Growl Call by Hunters Specialties

    The NoBull’s rigid frame with the correct blend of soft rubber creates realistic, throaty grunts, pops, and growls. Designed to process large amounts of air, this call can be blown loudly or softly for whatever the situation dictates. Coupled with...
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  • Ruttin' Buck Rattling Bag

    Ruttin' Buck Rattling Bag by Hunters Specialties

    The Ruttin’ Buck Rattling Bag works great for calling in bucks during the pre-rut and rut periods, and is designed for simple one-hand operation when necessary. It features select hardwood rods specifically chosen to replicate the tones of antlers...
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  • XWave Digital Game Call

    XWave Digital Game Call by FoxPro

    The FOXPRO XWAVE features 2 positional Xtreme High Definition (XHD) speakers. Both XHD speakers are a horn speaker with an added tweeter for improved frequency response. The XHD speaker system allows for extreme volume capabilities and realistic sound...
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  • Top Gun Howler Diaphragm Call

    Top Gun Howler Diaphragm Call by FoxPro

    FOXPRO is excited to introduce a complete line of coyote diaphragm mouth calls. The versatility that diaphragm calls have allows you to let out a howl or distress quickly on your stand. The Top Gun howler from FOXPRO is a split-cut, three-reed, regular...
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  • MAD Doe Bleat

    MAD Doe Bleat by Flambeau

    The mouth blown bleat call allows the hunter to manipulate the call much more effectively than using the "can" calls. The Boss Babe Bleat has the capability to produce any bleat vocalization of a whitetail doe with a variety of tone control to coax the...
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  • Tine Teaser Bleat Deer Call by Flextone

    Tine Teaser Bleat Deer Call by Flextone

    There's an impressive amount of power packed into this little deer call. The Tine Teaser is at its best during the moment that matters most. Its compact size and hands-free design make it easy and convenient to use; this means you can focus on...
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  • Natural Bone Grunt'R Deer Call by Flextone

    Natural Bone Grunt'R Deer Call by Flextone

    The Natural Bone Grunt'R uses Flextone's tried-and-true rigid reed system surrounded by a soft, flexible body. This allows callers to easily vary tone and inflection for a natural sound unlike anything you've heard in other grunt calls. Move the O-ring...
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  • The Long Can Call by Primos

    The Long Can Call by Primos

    The Long CAN produces longer, more intense Estrus Bleats, which lets bucks know there is a doe that’s ready to be bred. During the pre-rut and rut this is the sound bucks are listening for. Be sure you are set up in an area where bucks have to come in...
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  • The Original Can Call by Primos

    The Original Can Call by Primos

    Estrus Bleats tell bucks that a doe is ready to breed. Whitetail, Blacktail, and Mule Deer can all respond quickly and dramatically to the “quivering” doe Estrus Bleat produced by “THE Original CAN®”. This is, by far, the best call we know of to call in...
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  • Honky Tonk Goose Call by Primos

    Honky Tonk Goose Call by Primos

    The Honky Tonk is a short-reed call, which reproduces all of the sounds of Canada geese. This call is so easy to blow; you will be able to master it in no time. It enables you to call with minimal backpressure. To keep the call from sticking, due to...
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  • The Nag by Primos

    The Nag by Primos

    The Nag got it's name from field-testing the product. It seemed to be the perfect name from begging those call-shy mallards to land. When you want an easy blowing call for those call-shy ducks, Nag em' in with The Nag.
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  • Feedin' Mallard by Primos

    Feedin' Mallard by Primos

    The Feedin' Mallard is so easy; anyone can pick it up and make the feed call just like a mallard duck. When combined with your favorite duck call you sound like a flock of mallards. Features Now every hunter in a duck blind can call ducks Perfect...
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  • Duck Whistle & Mallard Drake Grunt Call by Primos

    Duck Whistle & Mallard Drake Grunt Call by Primos

    The Duck Whistle & Mallard Drake Grunt call easily reproduces the call of four species of ducks – pintails, widgeons, greenwing teal and mallard drakes. Features Small compact duck whistle Great value and easy to use Reproduces the whistle of the...
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